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Welcome Beyond is more than an unusual collection of vacation properties. It’s an unusual way of thinking about what a vacation property should be.

We hand-pick places that we feel are truly original. Many reflect their owners’ passion for distinctive architecture and design. Some border on quirky (and may have crossed over the line). Several are quite posh. And a few are downright rustic. But what all of our properties have in common is that they’re exclusive – in the best sense of the word. Each is singular, memorable and definitely worth writing home about. Or at least a tweet or two…

If you require high-resolution imagery or additional information, please get in touch. In select cases, we can also arrange stays in our properties for commissioned journalists in exchange for editorial coverage in relevant magazines, newspapers and blogs.

To enquire, please state your full name and phone number, the publication you write for and the property you are interested in.

If it’s particularly urgent, please let us know in the subject line of your email and we will usually be able to send you content in just an hour or two. Thank you!

Press contact:
Chris Laugsch
Welcome Beyond GmbH
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10557 Berlin, Germany

Email: press (at)
Phone: +49 (0)176 641 15016